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We Specialize In European Auto Repair and Autobody

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European automobiles are very complex machines and require the right experience and equipment to accurately repair and maintain.

Engine | Transmission Service

From regularly scheduled services and carbon cleaning to swapping out entire power trains we have the experience and know how to keep your European Auto running like new!

Auto Body Repair

We are fully equipped to handle all auto body repair. Fender benders, scrapes, and collisions no job is too small or too daunting. We deal with the insurance claims and adjusters to give you peace of mind.

Scheduled Maintenance

Whether simple oil changes or scheduled services keep your car running in top shape by getting it serviced at our European auto specialty shop.

New York State Inspections

We handle your yearly New York State inspection to certify your car is roadworthy and emissions compliant.

S line Auto Werks Suspension Service
S Line Autoworks X5 diagnostic

S-line Autoworks was born out of the the 20 years of experience working on German and other popular European automobiles at Tolima’s Auto Center, our sister shop. We wanted to offer an higher level of service and performance that luxury sports car drivers demand.  

Our goal is to offer dealer level service at affordable prices

Over the last 20 years we have repaired and maintained many Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, and Mini branded cars. We have grown highly proficient and experienced in their particular quirks and repair procedures. We have invested in new equipment and a new shop to offer our expertise and services to drivers that demand higher levels of refinement and performance out of their cars.

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Frequently Asked Question

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer
some of the more common ones.

Our work is warrantied for 1 year or 12,000 miles. Whichever comes first.

Our mechanics are ASE certified and have been in auto repair for over 20 years.

As New York City cars do a lot of cold starts, short drives, and idling we recommend 6,000 mile full synthetic oil change intervals.

Your check engine light can be on for a multitude of reasons. That is why we pride ourselves on diagnosing the problem correctly and pinpointing the solution.

Modern European automobiles have predetermined mileages where specific services are due. When your dash board informs you that a scheduled service is due, bring it in for service to ensure thousands of more trouble free miles out of your European automobile.

Yes, we are fully equipped for paint and body work to make your car look like new after a fender bender or collision.

S-line Auto’s labor rate is $135 per hour

Got a questions?

If you have any questions as to the type of services we offer please feel free to contact us for quotes or with any questions.

About us

S-line Autoworks is a new and exciting sister shop to Tolima's Auto Center. At S-line Auto we specialize in European Auto Repair.

What our customers say

Along with our sister shop Tolima's Auto Center we have amassed over 1,350 reviews from satisfied customers.

Extremely happy with the work, couldn't recommend this place more! I have a new G05 X5 and replaced the chrome exhaust coverings and chrome front grille w/ black pieces.

This is a review on customer service only. I called to have a quote for a crack in my windshield. I get overwhelmed when it comes to dealing with auto insurance, so I told him I would just pay out of pocket. This would have been easy money for him, but instead he encouraged me to call my car insurance to arrange the repair as it does not increase my premium. He spent the time to educate me on the process, even though it probably slowed down his day and didn't directly benefit him. I really appreciated that and would trust him with any repairs now, knowing that he is looking out for his customers

The air conditioning unit in our car wasn't working anymore so we took it into tolimas mostly due to the glowing reviews on yelp and they didn't disappoint. They diagnosed the issue and provided an estimate in a couple of hours. They provided some other maintenance issues and potential fixes as well. What I really liked about them was when we declined some of the other fixes they explained their rationale behind them but weren't too pushy on it. They seemed to respect the customers decision which gave them bonus pts in my book. They were extremely professional and were able to fix the issue in under an hour and for a fairly decent price. I would definitely use them again if I have car issues

S-Line Auto will be CLOSED on 7/3-7/4 for the 4th of July Holiday. We will be back OPEN on 7/5 for all your
Auto Repair needs!
Happy Independence Day!

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