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Audi Service Position

Audi Service Position is a common phrase in the auto repair field when it comes to working on Audi. When automotive engineers design and engineer a car they have to take special consideration for how parts will be replaced and components will be repaired. Audi engineers designed most of their cars with tight and compact engine bays that in order to reach serviceable components you have to remove the front fascia and cooling system components of the car. This is well known as Audi Service Position.

Audi Service Position
Typical Audi Service Position

Why Must an Audi be in Service Position to Repair it?

Frankly Audi wasn’t expecting the client base to be filled with people working on their own cars so they focused their engineering on making their cars compact and refined. They figured that when the car was due for schedule maintenance or service the owners would simply take it to the dealer and replace a laundry list of components dependent on the mileage of the vehicle. This was great when the vehicle was under factory warranty, but became a bit problematic when the cars went out of warranty and hit the used car market.

Most services require the car being put in Audi Service Position, which adds time and cost to that particular service. In order give our customers most value for their service we note the car’s mileage to see if any other services are due and inspect related components to see if they are close to failure. If we notice any component that is in need of service or near failure we inform our customers and perform the fix while we are in Audi Service Position. This saves our customers money and allows us to make the car more long term reliable.

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