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Brake Service

Brake Service

Clear the low brake light on your dash while restoring your factory braking performance

Brakes are of paramount importance to the safety and performance of your European Automobile. If you notice grinding, noise, or your vehicle is slow to stop bring it to S-line Autoworks for a brake lining check.

Most late model European automobiles have brake wear sensors that will give you a warning on your dash board for when you brakes are low and need to be replaced. At S-line Autoworks we use Original Equipment Manufacturer brake components for your car to retain its factory braking performance. Other shops might use economy aftermarket brake hardware to increase their profits, but when it comes to keeping high quality braking performance O.E.M. components will ensure your car stops on a dime!

We also install aftermarket big brake kits from reputable manufacturers for drivers looking to track their cars or simply want the ultimate braking performance for their automobile.

S-line Auto New Car Brakes Installation
S-line Auto Car brake caliper replacement

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